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Attack On America

From A Youthful Point of View

Kelsy Stillwell


Note: I left in Kelsy's original spelling…as is.

The events that happened on September 11, 2001 were tragic.
Four American Planes were hijacted and were crashed in several places. Two planes crashed into the world trade center twin towers. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon, the nation's military office base, and the last plane crashed outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

Thousands are expected dead. I think that it a truly tragic loss.

I hope that the government finds out who did this, that they do not start a war. I can imagine that this is a terrible time for them and they need comfert.

I personly haven't lost any family in this terrible incident, but I can't help feeling sorry for all those people.

We talked about it in class today. We all thought that we could write letters in class to the presedent because he needs our country's support right now.

I hope that all the people that lost loved ones can try to have a normall life. I know that the presedent will make the right decision and not start a war. I hope we can all get back to normall lives and never forget this terrible event.