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...But Noodles?

Kathy Dingus



Holden just loves his cousin Kelsy,  and he'll do just about anything she wants to do ... anytime, anywhere. Next to Kelsy, his next favorite thing in life is ramen noodles. He loves them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and a snack in between meals. Kelsy however isn't as fond of noodles as Holden, although she tolerates them just to please him, most of the time. They were riding in the car on one afternoon while he was visiting Kelsy and my sister asked them what they would like to eat.

Now keep in mind that this was about 4 days into Holden's visit with them, and Kelsy was just about fed up with the noodles business so she answers her mother, "I don't care what we have to eat... Oh, I guess anything .  Anything but noodles!"

Holden gets a funny expression on his face.... "Yuck! Butt Noodles!!

Who wants to eat Butt Noodles?"