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I'm Gonna Eat With This Hand!

Kathy Dingus


My young son never ceases to amaze me. How that child's mind works is beyond me.

One evening as we were getting ready to sit down and eat the evening meal, as usual, I sent Him to wash his hands before eating.

He wasn't gone to the restroom but just for a second, and I knew he had just been outside playing in "who knows what."

He proudly exited the restroom proclaiming " Mom, I'm going to eat with this hand (holding up his right hand) because I just pee-peed with this one" (holding up his left hand).

I know my earlier writing on influence had absolutely nothing to do with his decision to eat with the only one hand he did wash!

Influence good or bad…just like I said earlier. No matter what we do sometimes, it's a toss-up!