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"Someone Who Has Influenced Me"

Hoyt Dingus


My grandfatherís name was Hoyt Mullins. He passed away on October 12, 1994. He influenced my life in many ways. He influenced me by never being afraid of anyone, going all out in anything he did and being a great grandfather.

My grandfather, Hoyt Mullins, was never afraid of anything. He free-climbed the "Towers" in the Breaks Interstate Park. He also went white-water rafting in the Breaks, and he asked my grandmother to marry him on their first date.

He went all out in anything he did. When we went hiking and camping he was the one to motivate us all. When we would play games and sports he would never give up and he gave it his all. And people think I am crazy for going all out to save a basketball from going out of bounds. I tell them that my attitude is just hereditary.

He was a great grandfather and he helped me with everything. Sometimes when I didnít even need it and he took me everywhere. He didnít want me to miss anything! I really miss him because of all the great things he has done for me. He was a great man.

My grandfather has influenced me by not being scared of anything and by doing everything to the best of his ability, and for always being there for me, no matter what. He loved me and I loved him..