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Ariel Dingus




Rachel Ann Mullins is a lady filled with love. Even though Iíve known her for all my life, Iím still amazed by her love of God and love for her family. Every thing she does is out of love.

My mother gets sick often with her Multiple Sclerosis so my Granny Rachel takes care of us. Not that I donít love my mother very, very much, and not that she doesnít do all she can, but Granny does most of the more household chores. You know...dishes, laundry, cooking, etc. Rachel Mullins takes care of her family.

Even though my motherís illness is difficult both my Mother and my Granny Rachel urge us to keep laughing. Their laughter fills our house with color and life.

Granny doesnít let anything or anybody stand in her way. She stands for what she firmly believes. She has passed on quite a few of her traits to me. Whenever I have a problem, she urges me to talk to Jesus...right after she gives her own advice.

She has confidence and wisdom that only comes with age. It takes a lifetime of trials and troubles to gain this quality and I admire and love her for it.

Although I sometimes threaten her with "Shady Pines" and my mother too, I will probably be there before her.