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A Christmas Wish for You, My Dearest Friend


Donna J. Friend




As one year ends and a new one begins,

I'll make a special wish, for you my dearest friend.


In your life, may you always have happiness.

May you always have love to warm your heart.

May you always have joy to fill your home.


May the sun shine warmly upon you always.

May the heavens light your way.

May you always have direction to lead you on life's journey.


May you always find a shoulder on which you can freely lean.

May your life forever be blessed with goodness and hope. 

May you always find happiness forever more!


In a time of need may you always find a friend

who is willing to help carry your load.

In a time of joy may you always find a friend eager to share!


Above all, may you never be alone,

may your spirit ever be free.

May there always be an angel on your shoulder, and a peace in your soul.


This I wish and so much more,

for you my dearest friend.