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A Day In The Gap

Rick Stillwell

As most of you readers know, I attended the Promise Keepers event in Knoxville, Tennessee this year. I went with a few of my friends from the Asheville congregation. While there, we learned about the Stand In The Gap event that was to take place in Washington, D.C. On the way home we all decided, that if God willing, we would try to go to Washington together.

Amid all the numbers, the opposing groups and media were seemingly missing the whole point of this assembly. They looked at the numbers, but had OVERLOOKED the individuals. After arriving home I watched a lot of the television coverage. My seven-year-old daughter even told me that the TV people had it "all wrong." The media gave a huge forum for the opposition and never really understood the purpose. Because of the vast numbers, this day October 4th, 1997 will go down in history. I think this day will far surpass our time table of history and into eternity . . . that there was a day when men came before God, together and united, to ask forgiveness and repentance for themselves and this world. They came to worship and to praise His name and the sacrifice His son made for each of them.

I appreciate and thank God that I was able to be a part of this glorious day . . . one special time and place where we all came to the Washington Mall to spend a very special day with our God, a day with our DAD.

That is why I*m writing this article. To give you a little of my experience of this historic event: my friends and I were able to travel with a local group of men from a large Baptist Church. Along with them, the local Promise Keepers group arranged for other men to travel with us as well. There were 517 of us on 11 buses.

Our excitement level was at its peak when we arrived to board the buses. While en route to Washington we found we all had one thing in common. We all wanted to pray. So, I found myself praying with brothers I had never met before. We sang praises to our God together, shared personal stories together, and spoke about how God was active and working in each one of our lives. It was an inspiring road trip, to say the least!

Arriving at our nation*s capital at about 5:00 A.M., the place of so much history ... history was again about to be made. A million plus men assembling with one thing in mind . . . To meet with God.

Men from all races, languages, and religious backgrounds were represented there. United in a single thought . . . Jesus is our Lord and Savior. Although there were thousands of us there, for me personally, I felt that this was very much individual. I can remember sitting and meditating on why I was there. I had the whole day to spend with God with no phones to answer, no interruptions, and no place else to be. I had God all to myself. I had this overwhelming feeling that God had designed and planned this day especially for me. But as I looked around, at the masses of humbled brothers, I could sense that they all felt the same.