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Kathy Dingus

I have a dream, a man once said

Well, I have a dream also,

I dream that I dream over and over again,

as if by dreaming. it will be so.

I dream that God's love covers,

the whole world from end to end,

and I dream that everyone is filled with His love,

and views one another as friends.

I dream that hunger is no longer

and I dream that wars are just dreams

and I dream that I am now with my Father

and I dream that all who lived now Believe.

I dream not only for the children

whose laughter again now peals

I dream for all of the aged and sick

who now, by God, have been healed.

And I dream for all the ones in the middle

who are neither here nor there

I dream that they will want to be useful

I dream they will someday care.

And I dream of God the Father

and of His Holy Son

And I dream of His Holy spirit

and how together we're as one.

I don't know if I want to ever waken

from my dream, so often dreamt

let me forever slumber, Lord

let me live, let me love, and repent

let me die with you within me,

and may you cradle me in the palm of

your hand forever.