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A Love So Perfect

Donna Friend


What a wonderful feeling, what an emotion to bestow,
a love so perfect, a love to nurture a love to watch grow.

From the time I knew you were coming, up to now,
we've shared a perfect love, and it continues to grow somehow.

The first time I held you in my arms I knew,
the closeness we would share, forever would be pure and true.

You're changing daily and so am I,
after all these years, I couldn't imagine not having you in my life.
How empty and lonely that would be.
My heart forever would cry, hoping someday from the heartache to be set free.

As you grow older and go on your way,
my heart, my love are forever with you to stay.

I will forever keep the memories we have made,
your tiny hand in mine, and the countless times I have silently sat watching you play.

On this earth there is no love more perfect than that between a mother and her child,
sitting quietly, with their hearts speaking tenderly and mild.

This truly is "A Love So Perfect."

for my dearest and only son, Keith Allen Friend
from mom with love never ending