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Attack On America

From An Adult Point of View

Anna Stillwell



Rage, sadness, terror, unsettledness, doubt, fear; emotions that in some form or another we have all experienced since September 11, 2001. Terrorists plan on that, devise their devious crimes around our emotions of fear and uncertainty. They certainly hope to destroy the heart, the soul, the spirit.

The Asheville congregation of North Carolina came together this week; a more humbled and contrite people. The American flag was presented, in ceremony, by one of our members sons, who had just recently enlisted in the marine forces, and was leaving to take his military weapons training at Camp Lajune.

We asked our Eternal Father to be with us as we worshiped him. We sang songs of praise and songs to remind us of his sovereignty. Songs that would remind us of why we were here and of His desire to reconcile all peoples unto Himself through Jesus!

God strengthened our faith as we read His word aloud as a church family. Remembering that His Word stands alone and that no evil can destroy the life that comes from them. To bring to mind that through us He can comfort those who mourn and offer beauty for the ashes.

We dedicated our service to prayer. A heart-wrenching prayer of confession was given at our neglect in seeking Him, as a nation and as His people. Intercession was given for the thousands of families who are now without loved ones and the violent death they endured. Our President and his officers were especially prayed for while they weigh the heavy decisions that face this country. A grateful spirit was lifted to heaven for those who sacrifice their own peace of mind to work among the dead and the wreckage.

Finally, a poignant prayer was spoken for those who would seek to do us harm, that would revel in this heinous crime of terror. That God would turn their hearts to Him for the sake of their own people and to forgive them.

A worship service unlike any we have ever experienced was held realizing that now was the time to throw ourselves at the mercy of an incredible and Holy God. A time to reach out in love to those who hurt, who are confused and question "Why?". We ask that God make us ready to give the answer for the Hope that lies within us.