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Change Happens



Change happens. Life goes on.

That thought came to me just the other day when I set out to gather all of the leaves that had fallen thus far on our property. Fall is an incredible time of change. In death we find beauty. The dying leaves turn into wondrous colors that paint the world around us. In their death we marvel at the glorious picture they create if only for a short time. But what of the flowers?

Out on our deck we have four large flower pots that we fill each year with a variety of flowers and plants. Usually with the first frost they wither and die but for a few hardy flowers. We as humans know that it is time to say good-bye to the warmth and wonder of summer. We prepare ourselves for it. The trees do the same as they shut down their systems. Of course the squirrels and other animals had weeks before begun planning their retreat. But for the flowers ... they keep on growing ... those hardy ones. No one ever told them not to. There are no signs shown to them that say they can't continue reaching their full potential. They have a purpose from seed to planting that they must fulfill.

There, in the four flower pots, I found fresh green leaves and at the ends of each stem were new growth. Small buds of pink and red were curled over, not dying, but almost in a swing position ready to spring out and stretch once again toward the sun. But sadly I know that the snow will come and cover them freezing them in their ready position. Soon it will be too much even for this fighter. But they will come to the end trying. Because it's what they are supposed to do. They were created to go on, to grow and bloom into forever. No one told them any different. Even if they did they wouldn't stop, because they are to be in growth and bloom, not hibernation or death.

Who are you listening to that has told you you can't become more? Who have you turned your life over to that controls your destiny? How have you redesigned your genetic structure to limit your full potential?
There are no seasons of frost and bitter cold that are strong enough to stop you. Only YOU can stop you. Yes, there may be times of slower growth attributed to the indignities of living. Reconnect to the inner sources that know not of winter and begin growth again in that private place deep in your soul that always wants more.
Take on the attitude of the flower, although seeing others die around it, continues its mission with purpose and dignity living to its fullness as determined by the One Who created it.

We are told that there is a time to reap and a time to sow. A time to live and a time to die. Reaping and sowing are a part of living and we can do so much to postpone the dying. Look at how much of your life is in your hands. Work hard and reap the benefits. Live healthy and delay the inevitable. All of the necessary resources are provided except for the way you choose to think. Everything we need physically comes from the earth. But our thoughts are our own or those we choose to accept from others.

If flowers can do all this, imagine then what greatness and beauty you have inside.