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Dancing On the Mountaintops




This story began so long ago...I do not even know the exact date. It began with my fatherís father, and his fatherís father and so on and so forth. At the time of this writing, my father had traced his ancestral line back twelve generations.

I am making an attempt to pick up the search because he is no longer here to do so, and he left his volumes of information, material and hundreds of pieces of scrap papers with little gems of tidbits of knowledge scribbled on them.

Shortly before he died he told me he wanted me to have all of this information and to further the search for our ancestors. He truly felt that we did not know where we were going in life...if we didnít know where we came from.

At first this information was left in a box and shuffled around from one move to another. I would occasionally open the box, look around at all the bits and pieces that my Dad had worked on so diligently and with great joy over the years, then I would gently and almost reverently place all the pieces back into their files and place them back in the box and store it all away again.

I felt like I needed to get started on this project, but never actually gathered up the courage or strength to actually hear the gun shot at the starting line, and run with it! I often prodded my Dad to start a book about his own family line, and he would always laugh and say he didnít know where to start. Now, after sifting through all of his copious notes, reading a thousand little scribbles with birth dates, and decipherings of almost illegible ancient script, I understand his statement and his dilemma.

Hereís my attempt. I hope he would understand my feeble offerings, approve of my efforts to keep our family stories alive, with a few genealogy records thrown in for good measure.

Just as a side note; most of these family stories are written in our own mountain language. So please forgive the grammar and lack of formal English in some of these stories. I think the tone and personalized language of our mountain people, make the stories unique.

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