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Kathy M. Dingus



Iím sure the title of this article will bring back memories for many of you. It goes back a few years to the television program Lost In Space. The robot on the futuristic ship cruising in space would warn the character Will Robinson of impending danger, in much the same way we would tell our children to be careful. Lost In Space seemed so far into the future to those of us who grew up watching that television series. Yet, we live with danger everyday.

I have a son who is afraid of the dark. He wonít even take the trash out to the trash bin after twilight. His mind conjures up all sorts of beasts and monsters that are out to get him, although he has no problems at all taking the trash out in the daylight hours. I jokingly remind him that there is nothing in the dark that isnít there when the sun is out.

Maybe we should think a little more about that. Websterís Dictionary defines danger as "exposure to injury, evil or loss." Many things in life warn us of danger. Moms often warn their toddlers of the dangers to things that will hurt them, STOP signs and signal lights warn us of the dangers of traffic accidents and lighthouses once were a warning to ships at sea of the rocks near the shoreline during storms.

We as Christians have taken the symbols of a lighthouse to symbolize a beacon ...a beacon that shines into the darkness. It certainly does that, but it also served as a warning to stay away. I had never thought of a lighthouse in that way until our pastor gave a sermon on the subject of light and mentioned that fact.

How do we avoid danger? Itís really all around us, in the daytime and well as the night. Satan is certainly dangerous and very insidious. His presence permeates this world. I realize more and more every day just how much his presence affects the people on this earth.

We are to go forth and make disciples. We are to take the light to the darkness, much like you would take a candle into a cave. Thatís one of the last things Jesus said for us to accomplish just before He left the earth. In order for us to go forth, we must invade the "dark" places and shine our lights to chase darkness way. If we are not careful, instead of us chasing away the darkness, the darkness could overtake us, especially if we are not properly equipped to handle all of the hidden dangers.

There is another analogy in the movie What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams that was released a couple of years ago. His character unexpectedly died and he went to heaven. His wife was so despondent over his death that she committed suicide and supposedly went to Hell. He loved her so much that he followed her into Hell to bring her back to Heaven. He was warned by his guide, that if he was not careful and swift, and aware of his surroundings that he would succumb to the darkness and despair and would not have the strength to leave Hell.

We should take this fictional warning to heart. If we do not don the armor that God freely gives us we may too, succumb to the darkness in this world and not have the weapons to fight the wiles of Satan.

God gives us His Word, and the Holy Spirit to help us ward off the evil one. We pray everyday, and in those prayers we should ask for strength to shine our lights in the darkness yet not let our lanterns grow short of fuel.

Often, we go into places that may seem on the surface a situation that we can handle. And maybe we can for a little while, until we let down our godly guard. Once we do that itís sooo easy to slip toward the ones weíve come to help. Satanís pull can and will overtake our heavenly beacons if we do not constantly refuel with the tools of our Lord.

Itís easy to give way to the sin that so easily besets us. Itís hard to resist temptation. Itís all to easy to let the thoughts and sights invade our mind and not replace them with His good thoughts and His word.

Jesus said he would not have any be lost. Letís take care while weíre doing Godís work, that we donít join the ones weíve come to help. Letís not get weary in well doing either...although Satan will make it seem sometimes, that we are the ones who are wrong. Itís a constant battle between our flesh and Love.

Donít despair or become discouraged for we already know the outcome of the battle between darkness and light and the righteous name of the Victor! Letís heed the words, "Danger...Will Robinson!", but move forward with courage and in full armor knowing the battle is won. Donít look back longingly as Lotís wife did to Sodom and Gomorrah. If we do weíll be halted in our footsteps, unable to go forward. Weíll be stuck in the darkness! Remember and heed Danger...Will Robinson! We donít want to end up like Lotís wife... (because salt is proven to be bad for our blood pressure!)