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Defining Moments

Kathy Dingus


We all have had defining moments in our life. For some, their defining moments were when they got married, had their first child, the death of a parent or loved one. Maybe it was when their children graduated from high school and started for college leaving the house empty. For others it might have been when John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy was assassinated or when the United States landed on the moon.

We might even remember exactly what we were doing when these events occurred. I distinctly remembered what I was doing when J. F. Kennedy was assassinated. My Mom was washing my hair in the sink and I was 4 years old (I’m telling my age now…).

For others, their defining moments might have been when a tragedy happened in their own personal lives, such as a divorce, when their child was in an accident that reshaped their life, or maybe when 9/11 hit this country with devastating effects on everyone. Maybe it was when they were baptized, or a loved one accepted Christ for the first time as their personal Savior.

Maybe a defining moment for you would be when an illness struck one of your family members, or a friend suffered a devastating loss in their life

Maybe it was when their first grandchild was born, or when their teenager learned to drive a vehicle. Defining moments are different for everyone, and are as varied as the stars in the sky.

What are some of your defining moments?

I thought mine would have been when I was baptized. But then I thought about it some more, and gave myself a little more deeper introspective examination.

I think my defining moment was not when I was baptized, but when I actually realized that Grace was given to me. That’s such a simple statement, but for me, baptism and Grace were at two different time periods in my life.

I was baptized long before I understood Grace. When I finally understood the total concept of Grace…(if we as human beings can ever understand the total gift of Grace) I felt so free, so loved and so cherished.

What a joyous moment to realize that Jesus was there for the “taking” and that after I allowed Him into my life, and He gave me Grace, it was finished. There was nothing that I could do to deter Grace from my life, and that He was always going to be there with His hand outstretched toward me, even after I had fallen, and fallen and fallen yet again.

He allows me to start each new day with a fresh clean slate…every day from that day forward until the end of my life here on earth. Isn’t that something?

I no longer have to try too hard to accomplish an impossible task or reach an unattainable state of “holiness” to have Grace. For me to understand that…well that’s the best defining moment I can think of…

It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me…and I hope I never lose sight of the most defining moment in my life. I can breathe a sigh of relief and place everything in His more than capable hands and know that He is always there to see me through all of those other defining moments, good or bad in my life. But He always comes out on top!

How about you? What’s your defining moment of all time?

For me it’s Jesus and His Grace. It’s that simple. Really!