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Describe An Angel


Donna J. Friend




Have you ever seen an angel?

Would you know where to start?

They're not adorned with jewels or fancy clothes,

their beauty and uniqueness comes

straight from their souls and their hearts.


Have you not noticed the stranger on the corner?

Were you ashamed,

 because they had imperfections

to your standards, which they didn't meet?


How could you miss the beauty,

in the smile of a friend, how could you turn away,

as if they meant nothing, what now do you say?

Have you not noticed,

their wings neatly tucked away?


What about the friend,

that stopped by just to say a friendly "Hello"?

Have you taken a moment to spend with them,

or did you rush them away?

What if that friend a shoulder to lean on,

but didn't know exactly what to say?


Have you not looked deep into their eyes,

could you not see into their soul?

Could you not feel their pain,

or have you chosen to simply turn away?

In this world we are each one person,

but to one person we are the world!


Have you not seen the greeting in each smile,

or have you missed the message all together?

Have you not noticed the glow,

 as they spoke to say "Hello"?


Have you not seen the joy on their face,

or the twinkle in their eyes,

as the two of you talked,

about nothing in particular,

just exchanging silly thoughts.


We are surrounded by angels,

if only we'll take the time to see!

It may the friend right beside us,

it may be the friend far away!


They come in every color, shape, and size,

this is true,

but their hearts are gentle and pure,

and forever open to you!


Search out the angels in your life,

and soon a gracious friend you will find.

Into your life, for always,

the sun will brightly shine!


        (Inspired by a gracious "Angel" friend!)