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Dryland Fish Fry


First you need to take a trip into the woodland to hunt for these elusive delicacies.

Once you find a whole load of them, drag them back home in a garbade bag.

Wash thoroughly and let soak for a couple of hours in a bath of salt water.

This kills all the little buggers that might be in 'em.

Dry off with paper towels or let stand on a towel to drain dry.

Prepare a wash of beaten egg in a medium sized bowl (if you're lucky enough to

find that many dryland fish, if not, then a small bowl will do fine).

Cut the dryland fish lengthwise and soak in the egg wash.

Dip in a bowl of either flour, or cornmeal, whichever your preference

and fry in a cast iron skillet with about 2 1/2 inches of hot grease.

Dig in and Eat!