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Kathy Dingus





One thing that has remained constant in my life is my love for music. It was taught to me by my father and has continued to be one of my life's greatest comforts.

It speaks to my heart when I am weary, cheers me when I am sad, and gives me the strength and the will to pick up and go on when life deals me it's toughest blows.

Recently, I have been delighted to discover another aspect of music. It's Christian Music. There are so many different types and styles of music on the market today.

It's possible, but not very likely, that you will enjoy them all. I hope to broaden your interest on this subject and help provide a little bit of information on the artist and type of music he or she performs for the glory of God.

The first "inspirational music" CD I ventured forth to purchase was "Friends For A Lifetime" performed by Claire Lynch. Her warm, rich acoustic sound will enrich your love for Jesus Christ and the Lord our God.

The music Claire Lynch performs is a mixture of contemporary, acoustic folk, and traditional bluegrass music.

As you listen to this CD you will take a journey into your own experiences through your family life, faith in God and the Hope of Jesus Christ.

My favorite cut on this CD is a song entitled "Your Presence is My Favorite Gift of All," written by Hershey Reeves. The first verse is as follows:

There's a swing on the back porch

where I sit in the morning

as the sun is slowly rising, with a Bible on my knee.

And at the last swallow of coffee,

I'll just sit there in your presence for awhile

and let Your spirit come and move all over me.


Thank you Lord, for everything You've given me,

You've provided every need, both big and small,

but more than all of the blessings

that You pour out everyday,

Your presence is my greatest gift of all . . .

Sometimes late at night, when the kids are asleep,

I'll go out into the yard and just listen to the wind.

And I can feel Your Holy Spirit

as a whippoorwill leads nature

in a praise song,

and every critter in the forest seems to cry out.

Repeat Chorus

Other soul-searching Songs on this CD are: Lead me On, Who Do You Know?, Go and Do the Same, Paul and Peter Walked, There is a Fountain, God Spoke His Name, (title cut), Friends for A Lifetime, My Name is Judas, He Leadeth Me, Somewhere Above, Between The Two Of Them, and After the Storm.

Each song will reach into your heart and make you appreciate your relationship with Jesus Christ just a little bit more than you had previously.

Claire Lynch's "Friends for a Lifetime" has certainly been a blessing for me in my life.

She has inspired me through her special talent and I hope her music will be a blessing and an inspiration in your life as well.

Claire Lynch’s "Friends for a Lifetime" CD is Produced by Brentwood Music, Nashville, Tennessee.