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Kathy Dingus



Little girl crying, don't be sad,

you need love, from your mommy and dad.

Little girl hurting, how to ease your pain?

you've hurt so long, it's time to go away.

Little girl wishing, that life would be

happy and contented, smiling and free.

Little girl hoping, the dark lonely nights

would bring about the sunrise and end her fright.

Little girl wanting, so much to change

her little life for better, nothing stay the same.

Little girl pleading, don't hurt me,

I'm just a little girl, touch me....I bleed.

Little girl dying, slowly, fades away

nobody, no one had nothing to say...

Little girl loving, finally at rest

have we learned our lesson, hold them to our breast?

Little girl, little boy, children everywhere

the best of our humanity, how much do we care?

Little ones, little ones, how we love you so

but actions speak louder to you, than uttered words will show.

Little people, little people, how can you be so cruel

if you can sacrifice your God, one little girl will do

Our God, Our God looking down from heaven

Is there hope for this created man,

he pleadingly questions.

A tear falls so silently ...

from his angelic face,

This too, is covered

by my Godly Grace.


In memory of Brenda Ann Leftwich

May 13, 1997