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Rachel Mullins

(She’s My Mother!)



Rumblings of changes taking place in the Worldwide Church of God began to reach the ears of my husband, Hoyt, in 1989 & 90. Topics like the Nature of God and tithing were being discussed. Mr. Guy Sams, a local elder, and I stood in our church hall and talked about many things. He told me then that the time would come when we would have to know where we stood and that we must follow headquarters of the church and not separate our fellowship!

Ministers would have to find outside employment. Others, "whom I felt knew what they were talking about" told us that by Passover of 1990 we would have to know who our friends were. I pondered all of this.

In 1990 Hoyt and I moved to Florida. He was blessed with a good job with Florida Power & Light, a chance at becoming vested in the company, and having a retirement pension. Up to then we had moved from pillar to post, following Hoyt's work and had made absolutely no plans for the future. But after all, we WERE going to flee, WEREN'T WE? God would take care of us. Hoyt was then 56 years old.

In Florida the entire atmosphere was foreign to Hoyt and myself. We felt like ducks out of the water at first. It took Hoyt 3 months to save $2,000 to pay our moving expenses, utility bills, etc. We left Lynn Garrett's little farmhouse where we paid only $200.00 rent a month to a small house in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that rented for a modest $750.00 a month! Talk about Culture Shock!! Even the atmosphere of the church was different for some reason.

All good things must come to an end, and they did when F.P.L. (Florida Power and Light) down sized. Hoyt lost his job by lay-off. His heart was literally broken. But God is good, and he soon found another job, this time in St. Louis, Missouri.

Mr. Lee was the pastor there. He preached that Jesus Christ Crucified and Resurrected was all that mattered. I couldn't believe my ears. I called him on that! I said it sounded like heresy to me! He said we heard the same thing in Florida and I just didn't listen, but I told him I had never heard that in the WCG. He said, yes, I had, and I said no, I hadn't!

The ministry in Florida at the time did not preach what I was now hearing! Hoyt said on the Day of Atonement in 1994 that if this were true, then the Sabbath and the Holy Days would have to be looked into.

In less than a month Hoyt was no longer walking among us here on earth. The past 4 years have been the hardest I have ever been through. When Hoyt died in 1994 my world as I knew it was shattered. I moved 5 times...5 address changes... 5 telephone numbers.

The week after Hoyt died, Margaret Dooley, a close friend and member of the WCG in Norton was killed by her husband who also killed himself That same week I lost a 5 year old grand-nephew, who was tragically killed in an accident involving a forklift driven by his father. Shortly after those devastating losses, Mr. Dobson, our pastor in Norton at the time, left our fellowship.

Many long-time friends left the church because of "changes." Friends called from all over the United States wanting to know what did I think about this change...or that. Was I going to leave? What would Hoyt have done?

Most of them said that as long as "they" leave the Sabbath alone, they would stay with the church. I kept saying "Don't jump ship!" The Nature of God, Healing, Tithing, Holy Time, were all questions in my mind too. Thankfully I was grounded in the fact that I felt God placed me in this church and I would not leave!

You know friends.., patience is something so hard to have. We humans are in a hurry about everything. But Jesus isn't. He made a day as 1000 years! All the phone calls helped me get through my troubles. I felt I was helping some of my friends. Some, sadly enough, chose not to study.

Our own happy ending however is left up to us by God. It can be a glorious ending if we choose love. So what if a few stray marks get placed upon the page…God will just crumble our sheet of paper and toss it away…and give us a new page for the next day!

They didn't want even to try to understand the new covenant and the resulting changes. If we want Him to, Christ will soften our hearts. Anger can block Christ's efforts.

Unforgiving hearts will eventually lead you astray. Brethren, I feel I have been where I was -- so I can be where I am now, with my heart firmly planted in the New Covenant. I realize I have to claim Jesus Christ as MY OWN PERSONAL savior and Lord. Lord of my life, with NOTHING, not any little part of me that I want to control. I have to reach out and claim Him as MINE and hold on with both hands. Sometimes my grip is not so strong. It's weak.

Once in a while I could be like Shadrach, Mechech and Abednego, walking through the flames for my God and not a hair on my head be singed. But brethren, I don't have that sure grip all of the time. I am working on it through prayer, prayer and more prayer. Most of all, I am glad to be among you who know me as I am, and love me anyway!

Hang tight, hang tough, and hang with it!

Because it's worth it! It's everything and all we really have in this life when everything else fails.

Continue to pray for me and I will pray for all of you.

Here’s a poem that’s one of my favorites that will enforce this message:


Up the road of life, my brother,

You'll find the very best

Of everything worth living for,

And in the end sweet rest.

Then set your face just like flint,

And get beneath your load

With courage like a hero brave

Keep pulling up the road.

You'll find a lot of hindrances,

A lot of stumbling stones

And voices of discouragement

Will speak in thunder tones

But keep your eyes upon the goal

Make this your mighty road

And with your faith in God above

Keep pulling up the road.

The best and greatest of all men

For centuries and ages

Have stood against the mighty foes

To gain eternal wages

So if you'll go the way they trod

You'll have on you bestowed

The Victor's crown some blessed day

Keep pulling up the road.

There'll be some flowers on the way

You'll have some sweet repose

As you will have some resting spells

Among your bitter foes

But know the best is coming soon

If you will bear your load

And be a pilgrim heaven-bound

Keep pulling up the road.

Rejoice and pray as you move on,

And reach a helping hand

To other pilgrims on the way

Who may not understand

That they must fight if they would win

A crown in God's abode

And be a soldier true till death

Keep pulling up the road.

Oft times you'll feel like turning back

The storms will rage around

The clouds of fog and dire despond

About you, may abound

But know that God sits on His throne

In Heaven's blest abode

And He will reach His mighty hand

to help you up the road.