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This is the method for making hominy from traditionally sun-dried corn

as done up north on Ojibwe reservations here for many years.

It's from Ona Kingbired ( Red Lake).

Use sun-dried corn. Multicolored kernels have the most flavor.

Put 2 double-handfuls of ash from oak, maple or poplar wood fires into about 2-3 quarts of water.

Boil for 1 hour and let it set all night to settle the ash out.

In the morning, boil dried corn in this water, strained if necessary, until the skins slip off and the corn turns bright yellow (1-2 hours).

Rinse 3 times in fresh water. This fresh hominy can now be used immediately in soups and stews.

The dried corn will absorb 3-4 times its volume of water.

Hominy can also be dried for storage and cooked again.

(it swells up about 4 times and absorbs at least 4 times its quantity of water).