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I Can Do It Myself Can't I?

Debby Bailey




Have you ever experienced one of those moments that turned out to be a lesson from our Heavenly Father?

Recently this happened to me. My almost four-year-old son, Max, and I were home alone and he decided he would like to have an apple. I retrieved a knife from the kitchen with the intention of peeling the apple. Max had his own plan. He found a small two-inch saw tooth knife and announced he would peel the apple. I tried to take it away from him but he escaped my grasp.

Next I attempted to reason with him explaining that he didn*t know how to peel the apple and he might cut himself I reminded him how he disliked the sight of blood. He was not to be persuaded. He loudly announced that he did know how to peel and he would not cut himself.

We were at an impasse. I rationalized that I was watching him and if he did cut himself it would only be a scratch and he just might learn a lesson.

Max did, knife in hand, screaming "I can do that myself." He lets us go because He has given us free will. He does not force His goodness on us. We must choose to follow our Father*s advice or seek His guidance in a decision we are facing. A child who refuses to listen to a parent will pay a penalty. Perhaps not as immediate as Max did that day. As Christians, if we act independently against the advice of our parent we pay the price through our misery and heartache. That night sitting on the edge of his bed as he was going to sleep, I reflected on what had happened that day.

Suddenly I saw the bigger picture of what had transpired. As our Heavenly Father, God only wants what is best for His children. He doesn*t like to see us get hurt by foolish decisions.

However, when we walk away from His admonitions (the Bible) and the lead of the Holy Spirit (through our conscience), He allows us to suffer the consequences of our actions. I can hear Him say, "I*ve been through that already, let me guide you.

Children have to learn to distinguish between what leads to independence and what is foolish. Similarly, we must reach the point in our lives where we trust our Father, listen to what He says and follow His advice. It would be less painful for us to listen to God first rather than run to Him after were bruised and bleeding. Fortunately, lie is forgiving. When we contritely turn to Him, He encircles us with His love and gives us the comfort that only a loving Father can.

by. I W Hunt