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"I Was There"




That awesome, but dreadful, day
At the old rugged cross, I was there
(Not in the flesh). But, Jesus saw my sin
And answered every prayer.

As they nailed Him to the old cross,
I was there, too, in His mind.
He could see each of us, in the eyes
Of our soul. But, He was so kind.

He took on my sin, my blame,
As though it were His own. So, I was there.
And since I have known this,
I go daily, asking forgiveness in prayer.

Upon bent knees, I can call upon
This Savior and He is there for me.
He never scolded or punished me
For the things His dear eyes did see.

How it must have hurt His dear heart
And, now, it hurts my own indeed,
As I remember how He ushered me on in
When I was in dire need.

I am shamed, as I know He saw me
There, as His blood ran down a hill.
But, I know He forgave me and all others
Who believe in Him and do His will.

I was there, as He said, "Father, forgive them.
For, they know not what they do."
He saw me there, as He did you.
Won't you please come to Him, too?

He paid the price for my sin and for yours.
He paid, with His unfailing love,
For every soul who ever will be and
Has made a haven for us, up above.

Yes, I was there and so were you.