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Ireland Is the Land of Love,
Legends, and Laughter

There are many, many legends about Saint Patrick’s Day.
About the Shamrock and the Blarney
and the Leprechauns at play.
And that most delightful story that God blessed the Emerald Isle
With the beauty of His goodness and the sunshine of His smile.
And how a dear, beloved Saint taught the Irish about God,
Just by showing them a Shamrock that was grown on Erin’s sod.
He told them of the Trinity, the living Three in One,
The Holy Ghost,....the Father, and His Beloved Son.
And all these lovely legends of the well-loved Irish race,
Have given every Irishman a very special place.
Not just in history but in everybody’s heart,
For of this old earth’s laughter, the dearest, finest part,
Is made of smiling “Irish eyes” and mirth filled Irish jokes,
And what a dull world this would be
Without God’s Irish folks.

--Helen Steiner Rice—