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Jesus And Stuff

Rachel Mullins



We as people in the fellowship of the Worldwide Church of God are people who have been through a GREAT CHANGE in many ways.

We are now considered to be "the good guys" by the religious "watchers." We are sort of mainstream now that legalism is a part of our past. We even call ourselves a new covenant fellowship. And for many of us our "minds" may feel this is so, but our hearts haven*t quite adjusted to this new form of worship. Others may feet that this is quite natural and readily accept these changes.

But "Stuff" seems to have taken the place of the very legalism that we profess to have left behind.

To raise our hands in worship or not
To sway to worship music or not
To clap our hands to music or not to clap
To amen (as in amen corner) or not to amen
To play only traditional hymns or play contemporary worship music, or do we mix these two music styles into one service...
Women to speak or not to speak in our services...
Whether to call our services "Church" or "Worship" Service

There are many more examples I could list here, but I am sure you understand the STUFF to which I am referring. I fear we are having a very hard time staying balanced.

Jesus Christ is our role model and if we implant ourselves firmly in Him we won*t let the "stuff" I have just mentioned cause us to judge our Christian brethren.

There is so much "stuff* that can cloud our walk with Jesus. We must pray for the "scales" (judgmental-ism, doubting, fear, selfishness) to be removed from our eyes and to be able to see clearly the momentous, wondrous task that lies ahead for all Christians worldwide, and we will be able to run with joy the race that is set before us.

Up and running with love...