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Making A Difference

Kathy Dingus

Letís continually look toward heaven Upward to where God sits on his majestic throne and Jesus sits beside him. Look toward Him for guidance as we travel our daily path.

He will lead us toward the needy, the starving, the hopeless, the depressed, the people who are yearning for something they do not understand.

He will guide us:

to the children who need love

to the elderly who need companionship

to young mothers who need a hug and some motherly advice

to the father who also needs a heavenly Father who cares

to the teenager who thinks no one understands to the homeless person who needs a smile

to the dying who need to be free from pain

to drug addicts who need another form of dependency- dependency on Jesus Christ

to convicts, who though are imprisoned, need to be free through His Grace

to the widows who long to be useful and needed

With God to guide us we will make a difference. Letís listen to that still small voice.