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Kathy Dingus


This ‘Ole Moon

I’m a lover of the night when all is still and quiet where shadows dance and play alone

I’m a lover of the moon, when she casts her waves of shimmering lights that dance and spin upon the water...on the water.

I am a dreamer of endless dreams, wide awake I see them out of reach though they may be,

They are just a small world away, bidding me to come and play, what ever will be will be.... will be...

Hootie owls hoot and possums scurry, always as if in a great hurry,

To get somewhere important on a star filled night, are you out there, in a hurry to get somewhere, not to worry, not to worry....

I'm content to sit here in my great big castle of stone,

Dreaming my dreams of knights of old amid hard fought battles,

Amid the stuff and amid the rabble that one collects over the years, the joys, and sorrows, and pain and tears....pain and tears…

My dreams are still here, just a small world away, maybe someday I’ll make that wish upon a star, it's not far to anywhere

Anywhere you'd like to be because lookin' at this ole' moon sets me free…sets me free.