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Kathy Dingus


           Have you ever stubbed your toe or burned your finger? I certainly have and I know that it really hurt!  It was hard to concentrate on anything else except for the pain that my body parts were feeling.  It was hard to walk with a stubbed toe, and hard to cook, bathe, write or move my burned finger.  My body wasn’t functioning at the level it should.  I was hurting, and it affected my whole body.  I didn’t want to move.  I just wanted some comfort.


            I also have Multiple Sclerosis, and I know that if I can’t feel my feet then I can’t walk properly, or if my arms are numb, then I can’t use my fingers, can’t dress myself, button my blouse, brush my teeth etc.  You get the idea, I am sure. My father was blind in one eye, and wore an eye patch, but never considered himself to be handicapped in any way.  He worked harder than anyone I know, and lived life to the fullest until the day he died.  Can we all say the same?  My mother serves God, the church, and my family with her whole heart and we love her so much for it, and I know Jesus does to.


            My mother and I were invited to a revival at my aunt’s church last week and we accepted her invitation.  Her denomination was Southern Baptist, and they had a visiting evangelist to speak.  He spoke on “revival not just survival.” 


He spoke about the Southern Baptist reputation, the not so great parts, (don’t we all have those?) and how much better they could do the work of God if all the Baptists, such as the Freewill, Southern, Old Regular, etc united as one and worked together instead of against each other. Imagine what would happen if that transpired?


How true his words were and so good to hear.  How many of us merely survive as a Christian, instead of reviving?  Do we act as a disciple of Christ instead of just a survivor of the world’s temptations, constantly hanging our heads instead of holding them up high, proud to be a son or daughter of our Lord?


            Being a person with a body that doesn’t always work the way I would want has made me think about the Body of Christ.  Romans 12:4-5 states: “for as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.


            Christ says we are all members of his body.  Do we act as a part of his body that is not functioning at optimum levels? Are we hesitant to proclaim the name of Jesus?  Do we turn away from evangelistic activities, preferring to remain in our comfort zones than feeling a little uncomfortable sharing Jesus with someone else?


Many of us don’t even serve in our own church areas much less serve anyone outside of our own denomination.  Just what part of the body of Christ are we?  Each individual part of the body is essential.  Do we serve him as that essential part of the body?


Be thankful for your part of the body of Christ.  And if you haven’t exactly figured out what function your part is…just get down on your knees and ask Him.  He loves us so much that he’ll be glad you asked.  And he’ll answer in a loving way, and he will equip you with whatever you need to perform the work that he has called you to do.

Let’s get to work!  The sooner we finish His business…the sooner we’ll see Him split the eastern sky!  Won’t that be something?