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Kathy Dingus


A yearning,

A haunting melody hits from the recesses of my mind...

Was I with you when I heard it?

A tantalizing taste still lingers on my tongue...

Were we together when I consumed it?

so deep it roars from within, my bowels they've come undone...

Only you can make me feel these feelings, I feel,

only you, my love, only you.

A tear streaks down my cheek, to blaze a new path, for others still yet to come,

Is it you that stirs my emotions like water?

A hint of a grin lights the darkest part of night, until it's a full blown smile..

Is it your loving touch that makes me feel so special...

or is it your laugh?

It lights up the way for me in the darkness, like a wide beam upon my path.

Only you can bring in the sunshine to me

only you, my love, only you.

A gentle snore softly, blowing across the bed every night,

makes me want to give that hint of a grin...

As I whisper and say I'm gonna be alright, and kiss you on your chin.

Go back to sleep and dream, about where we are and where we've been,

better yet, where we want to go...

Only you, my love, only you can know

the plain and simple fact of this life is really simple,

it's that I love you so!