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ďOthers SayĒ


Others say they donít see you, but I know youíre there.

They donít understand who you are and what youíve come to share.

You knock on their heartís door time after time.

All they have to do is step out, confess, and shine.

Others say you canít help them because of their sin.

But I know you can make them clean from within.

You show a love that no one or nothing can compare.

Itís a love that Iím willing to die for to share.

Others call you Father, who watches from above.

You sent your son to die, so that I may show others your love.

I get made fun of and talked about because of you.

But Iím proud to be in your selected few.

Others ask why I feel the way I do.

Because I was once lost and separated from God like you.

Confess and put your sins on the cross.

Stand up and fight for love, so it may not be lost.

If youíre getting goosebumps and your heartís feeling kinda sore.

Itís Jesus knocking on your chamberís door.

Maybe Iíll give you a hug in Heaven someday.

Who cares what others say, anyway.....