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Rick Stillwell





(Yes, a MAN, even!)

Before attending the recent Promise Keepers Rally in Knoxville, Tennessee, I pondered what it would be like. Will it live up to what I have heard? Will it change my life? Will this be an enormous waste of my time? My friends that attended with me from the Asheville area had heard some negative things regarding the Promise Keepers. We all agreed on the trip there, that if anything happened we were uncomfortable with, we would simply leave.

As we entered Neyland Stadium, we felt the excitement in the air. After getting a bite to eat we found our seats, and waited for the program to begin. As we waited, listening to the background music, a group of men across from us (about 20 or so) stood up and shouted "We Love Jesus, Yes We Do. We Love Jesus, How About You?" and pointed to the other side of the stadium. Then another group stood up, then another, then another. All around us these small groups stood up to proclaim the name of Jesus. I knew I was in the right place.

Mike Silva, president of Mike Silva Evangelism International, gave the first message of the event. His message "Heart of a Godly Man Captured by Christ" showed us that we must depend on Christ, the strongest, strong one. His message was followed by an invitation to Christ. Several thousand men moved toward the floor of the stadium to accept Christ as their Savior.

Then came the rain, but amazingly no one left! As the rain was pouring down, God was pouring out His Spirit on 50,000 wet men who were there to seek Him.

Bill McCartney, founder and CEO of Promise Keepers, brought the final message of that evening. His message "Purity of the Heart: Living Clean Before God," brought our attention to a manís strongest temptation, that of sexual lust, whether it is in our thought life or acted out in adultery.

The Saturday Morning services began with a lot of praise and worship music. This was something that I had never experienced before, a 50,000 male choir praising the name of Jesus.

Saturday Messages:


The Disciplines of a Godly Man


Motivated by Grace


Out of Isolation: Why Men*s Small Groups


Embracing Reconciliation


A Godly Man in His Workplace


Living Out the Great Commandment


The Influence of a Godly Man: The Servant Who Leads


A Godly Man, Hope for our Time

All of these messages gave us a newfound understanding of what a Godly man is. This valued information, if applied through the Holy Spirit can achieve tremendous change in the lives of men, their families, in their churches, their communities, states, countries, and the entire world. The Promise Keeper Ministry can be a Godly influence throughout the world and also in your life.

I Promise!