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Kathy M. Dingus



Remember the simple joys of youth

and of mud between your toes.

Remember the wonder of butterflies

and one landing on your nose,

Remember days of sun and fun and flowers all aglow

Icicles hanging,

snowmen calling,

angels in the snow.

Remember the prom,

and how Mom got all teary-eyed

With pride, beautiful clothes,

getting all "dolled up"

And posing for pictures side by side.

Remember eighteen, nineteen, twenty,

and then finally Twenty-one.

We*ve got the world by the tail;

we’re coming out on top,

we’re finally number one.

Remember butterflies of a different kind,

and a major, major love

Remember dating, nervous sweating,

playful playground shoves,

Passing notes on down the row

and shy smiles behind our hands

Remember stealing kisses, making wishes,

praying for a Man.

Remember walking down the aisle, with everyone there to see,

Remember the first fights, and the make-up times,

and Strolls along the beach,

Here comes baby, and

"Oh, walk to Mama" comes round all too soon.

JFK assassination, Martin Luther King

and One Giant Step upon the Moon.

Our memory serves us well

when we become old and gray.

When things don*t go so well at 80 years old

we can always remember the days,

When we squished the mud between our toes and

How butterflies landed on our nose

And flowers bloomed and were all aglow

And angels in the snow.

We tried so hard to make things better for our kids

That we made them worse.

For my grandchildren, I*d know better.

I*d really like for them to know about

Hand-me-down clothes

And homemade ice cream and leftover meat loaf.

I really would.