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Kathy M. Dingus





Life…why are you spinning so?

Spinning so fast, crazy, out of control?

This world is aged and needs to slow down,

Like the simple, slow cadence of a rural small town.


We've no time for the really important ones,

And disappointment comes to our family and friends . . .

As we no longer have time for the deeds we should do . . .

Just because survival demands immediate necessities.


"I'm sorry, can't help it, whatever . . . "

Somehow doesn't seem to "cut it" anymore.

"Mommy we want to," "you'll just have to wait,!"

Echo within the walls of my brain.


"But, I want to, I need to, please listen."

And my answering pleas,

The words ring so hollow, and they sound insincere,

So awkward, and excuses so weak.


Nothing should be more important

than our families, our children, our loves,

in spite of this spinning, crazy old world

we need to take time just to STOP!


For we'll not always have Dad here to chat with,

And Mom to just call up and "talk."

Our children could not be here tomorrow,

too late, for that "little walk" . . .


Take the time to do the important things,

for survival will handle itself

don't put "living" in front of your family and friends

because within them lies all of your wealth.


I wrote this little poem just today dears,

not just to you, but for me

because we all need constant reminders

of how we should really be.