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Please, Stop!

Debby Bailey

As I sit here still on the verge of tears, only one day has past since a little boy, almost three, ran laughing from his mother onto a busy four-lane highway. He was struck instantly by a car and killed.
The mother immediately realized the danger and was screaming for him to STOP but the child did not heed her warnings and she saw his small body being flung into the air.

I can only imagine the anguish and torture that she feels. Every time I think about her pain my eyes begin to tear.

I have been sobered by this tragedy and my own three-year-old is that much more precious to me.

I just want to enfold him within my arms, hold him close and never let go.

Jesus loved us so deeply that He was willing to suffer an agonizing death to allow us the privilege of having our sins forgiven.

Often we run headlong into danger not being fully aware of the consequences of our actions.

Jesus knows and just like this mother he can see the fate that will befall us if we don*t stop when we should.

Because of his sacrifice the veil was rent that separated the holy place from the holy of holies; therefore, allowing us to have a personal relationship with Jesus when we accept Him as our Savior.
By staying close to Him and heeding his word, the Bible, many unnecessary pitfalls can be avoided.

Since Jesus paid such a costly penalty, He must cry out in anguish when the Holy Spirit is prompting us to stop our action, but we look, laugh and quickly run on.

I don*t profess to know how He feels.

But since I can so closely identify with this hurting mother, I believe I have a small inkling of the deep pain that must rip his heart when we fail to STOP!