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The Blahs

Kathy M. Dingus


Have you ever felt just . . . BLAH? Not sad, not happy . . . not cold and not hot . . . not excited, but yet not depressed? Have you had times when you just couldn't decide what you wanted to do even when presented with some clear cut choices?

I suppose we have all felt this way at times, and I know I have. How do we overcome the doldrums, or as I call it, the "BLAHS?"

Recently I have had some rather dramatic changes in my life. I have had some serious health problems, nothing life-threatening, but some lifestyle changes were a must.

For example . . . a job change to relieve stress, going to bed earlier than my normal 2:00 A.M., realizing that I can't overdo or push beyond set limits that I am so prone to do . . . or I will suffer definite health consequences.

My old position was as an Office Manager for a very busy inpatient/outpatient physical therapy facility. To add to the demands of the job, we moved to a new location, bigger facility and tacked on a Wellness Center for additional stress. Inner office conflicts were constant, and I became very unhappy.

A decision to change jobs was made, with an interdepartmental promotion to a billing position within the corporate office.

All of this stress was very difficult to cope with on a day_to_day basis. I always thought I could handle anything, and felt that I was a very strong, very competent person. I was and still am those things, but enough was enough.

I could still be a very strong and very competent person with Christ's help in a less stressful atmosphere! I cried out to God for almost six months for help, realizing that I didn't have to suffer in silence.

God heard my prayers indeed, and He helped me when I called out to him in my need! And He will hear you as well.

I had come to the point in my life that I really didn't want to make any more decisions . . . about anything at all. I didn't want to have to decide what to wear, what to eat, what bills to pay or what to tell my children when they asked something of me. I didn't know what I wanted or didn't want. I really was BURNED OUT!

My comfort was always in knowing that even as stressed as I was, I could rely on Jesus Christ to help me through the day. I just had to realize that he would help ME through it, not DO IT for me.

I think we all need to realize this in our own personal spiritual life as well. Christ will lead us and guide us, but he will not do our work for us.

Sometimes we rely on God to take over our problems and solve them for us. We want the easy way out! We think we can simply ask God for what we need and then sit back on our laurels and just wait for him to work his magic.

God doesn't work that way. If we do what we know to do in resolving our own problems, God will make a way for us. But we have to exert a little effort on that pathway to resolution. A little sweat and tears are sometimes needed. But with perseverance, we will get there.

I'm reminded of Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road in the movie classic, "Wizard of Oz." Her journey was always on track and clearly marked (the yellow brick road,) but there were obstacles in the way.

She met wonderful friends along the way to help her and ease her burdens. Some encouraged her and some relied on her for encouragement.

No matter what loomed ahead of her, she could always see the Emerald City from wherever she was on that road. The vision of one day arriving at those gates kept her moving forward.

I think we must have the same attitude on our life's path. If we keep our eyes focused on Jesus Christ, we can overcome all the obstacles we meet on our own yellow brick road!

We must make the effort to have a relationship with Him. WE must make the effort to study and stimulate our human ways and our human thoughts to those higher more spiritual ways and of HIM. We must reach out to Him, and then HE will take our hand and pull us through.

But the first step is left up to us. We have to make the first move toward HIM. If we do this HE will run to us as the father ran to the prodigal son when He returned home from sowing his oats. He will be so glad to see us that he will leap for joy at the thought of spending time with us.

Do we leap for joy at the thought of being in His presence for just a little while?

We need to take our relationship with Christ seriously, just as seriously as Christ loved us. Don't take Him for granted in our everyday living. Don't take Christ for granted and get stuck in the doldrums.

Don't feel like the time spent on the journey of spiritualism in your life isn't worth the trip. Don't negate Christ's sacrifice because you feel you aren't worth His time . . . He deserves all of our time and efforts.

He's probably happy if we honestly and sincerely give Him prayer time each day and devote the rest of our life to Him...just as he devoted his entire life and future for us.

Make a pledge with me to have no more doldrums or "BLAHS" in your life. We're too important to Christ and to those who love us to remain "stuck" there in nothingness.

Live where it matters!

Live your life as a grateful Christian slave to Christ as Paul did.

No doldrums were present there . . . and no doldrums will be present here . . . ever again! (I Hope!)