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The Little Child Shall Lead Them

Kathy M. Dingus




Have you ever really thought about what Christ actually meant when he stated 'unless you become as a little child, you shall not inherit the Kingdom?" I have three children and they are all different, yet individually wonderful.

I get the greatest pleasure out of what they say, what they think about and what they ask. Thinking on these things, God the Father and Jesus Christ must be greatly entertained by us as their "little children."

My youngest is a precocious 5 year old, and I mean that in the gentlest, kindest way possible. He is a constant delight. I never know what he is going to say, or ask, and the way his mind works is a continual amazement to me.

For instance he asked me a couple of weeks ago in his 5 year-old language . . . (and I know some of you probably think that a 5-year old should know how to pronounce his 'T' sound, but he's so cute about it . . . I guess I should do better, huh?)"

'Mom, if God is our Fadder (Father) then who is our Mudder (Mother)?"

Well I stopped what I was doing and thought to myself, "Now how do I answer him in such a way as he will understand that the church is actually our Mother?"

He interrupts my silent adult intelligent train of thought with the following statement.

'Oh, I know Mom, it's Mrs. God!" Now how do you argue with that? At least he was thinking about God, and he unquestionably reasoned that God had it all worked out! He also knows that anyone who believes in Christ is a Christian and his friend for life.

He also knows that the strange loopy writing Mom and Granny write in church (cursive) is Christian writing! And he believes that Jesus is his friend. He always wants to play Jesus in his little act-out dramas. Jesus is his Hero! Jesus loves Him!

Why can't we, as adults, be as accepting of Christ? We are so intent on being "adult" that we usually overlook the wide-eyed, tongue-tied wonder of His love and grace. The love and grace that He bestows is an absolute miracle . . . and yet we often treat it as a ho-hum fact.

Maybe we really should try to be more like our children! Let's look at the traits of children that Christ must have noticed and enjoyed!

Enthusiasm - Wow!

I wish I had my children's enthusiasm for life. Everything is right there for them to grab! The brass ring, the happy future, no problems over the horizon, kind of enthusiasm.

Christ wants us to be enthusiastic about His plan for our future, just as we want our children to think about what we would like for them and their life. We want only good for our children, right? Christ wants only the good things in life for us too!

Love  - What love!

Our children love us to death. They mimic us when they are little and grow into little miniature carbon copies of us. They pick up our habits, both good and bad. I guess if we "jumped off the cliff" our little toddlers would follow! That's an awesome responsibility.

Christ came first and gave us an example to mimic. Sadly we don't always pattern our life after our living parent, in much the same way our children do when they reach those "difficult teenage" years. We counsel them and deliver the proverbial "if only you would listen!" speech many, many times.

Don't you think Christ is begging us to follow Him and the path He set before us? He desperately longs for us to pick up His Cross and follow Him in the Truth, the Light and the Way. He desperately longs for us to just listen!

No Fear - Fearless.

Have you ever seen a child innocently put his hand to a flame, toddle up to the edge of a cliff, or step out onto a busy highway? Have they ever experienced the burning pain of fire? They still climb to dangerous heights, oblivious to the pain of falling. They haven't experienced the pain of being hit by a vehicle. Commonly children that are adventurous are said to "have no fear."

We are on an adventure, one we have never been on before. To actually gain ground on this adventure we must first step out in action, trusting in the love of Christ to keep us safe. Children will leap from a high ledge into their father's waiting arms, trusting that he will catch them. We must do the same with our Father. Step out in faith, commit to action, to following His will for our life in complete trust that He will be there for us when danger approaches.

Absolute Loyalty -Absolutely!

When you're a child you think your father is invincible! My dad can beat up your dad, etc. Our spiritual Father is better than invincible! He is all powerful. He has all the power to be had! He is bigger and better than anything we could hope to dream about! He is ever faithful, ever loving. He has already won all our battles for us!

Even before we know that we're in for trouble, He's there, and in the midst of the storm, He's there to calm the waters, and when we lose our battle with our earthly bodies and die our physical death, He's there . . . just waiting to give us something new and better.

So much better that it's hard for our human minds to grasp! Just like we want to do for our children. What more could we possibly ask for?

Hey! You want to go play?

Enjoy your Christianity as a little child . . . loving Him with all your heart, fearless as David facing Goliath and loyal as a child to his Father!

My Dad's bigger than your Dad . . . (not if we are all one big family with the same Dad!)