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'Till This Lord

Ariel Dawn Dingus



Make me blind Lord

That I may see with eyes unseeing.

That I may listen to people's hearts without judgment.

'Till this Lord, my eyes are wide shut

Make me deaf Lord,

That I may hear with ears unhearing,

That I may listen before speech

and hear beyond what is intended.

'Till this Lord, I hear nothing.

Make me dumb Lord

That I may speak with words unspoken

That I may voice my thoughts,

thus make me a listener.

'Till this Lord, my mouth precedes my heart.

Make me tasteless Lord

That I may taste all the flavors of your world.

That I may be reminded that the world

is flavorless without You.

'Till this Lord, I taste nothing.

Make me without touch Lord.

That I may touch all with an open heart and mind.

That I touch lives without interference or worry.

Till this Lord, I touch nothing.

Without these gifts Lord,

I am unprepared to do Your work.

Make me as the falcon who soars high above,

Thus a light in the darkness I will shine

Above the world..

March 01