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Uncluttered Faith

(Through the Eyes of a Child)

Anna Stillwell



Recently, my daughter and I were discussing the death of Jesus. This is one of her favorite stories and one that her father and I have repeatedly told her. With the Lords supper approaching we have had many times to tell and retell Jesus' death and resurrection. While answering her questions and going over the details she usually finds some small but significant fact that we would invariably forget or leave out from the time before. She is beginning to teach us a thing or two that we take for granted.

Just before going to bed one night, this is exactly what happened.

Bedtime is usually a big game in our house. We tell Kelsy its bedtime and she immediately asks for ‘just a few more minutes." But this night was different because she had asked to hear the story of Jesus again and seemed excited to jump into bed. We began talking and she began with the usual battery of questions . . .the kind where you never get finished with the story you started. We were talking about Jesus' sacrifice and the importance of coming to the Lord's Table for a believer of faith. She allowed me to continue without very many questions, and I could see she was getting tired.

As I finished the story and was kissing her goodnight she reached for me and gave me a gentle hug. Opening her eyes she looked right at me and asked, "Mom, I'm so glad Jesus didn’t come down off the cross, aren’t you?

I waited just a few moments before answering her–wanting to let this moment sink into my heart and not fade away. I then agreed with her and expressed my thankfulness that Jesus finished the work His Father had given him to do. Then we both decided it was "a hard feeling to be happy and sad all at the same time."

I think there's a part of all of us that becomes a little too familiar with the death of Christ and His sacrifice for us. It*s like the ending of a book that you've already read.

It was my daughter that helped to remind me that there is no ending with Christ*s death. There was a reason he stayed on the cross, and that reason is all of us. His resurrection is lived over and over again in us by our changed and renewed lives with Him.

Our childlike faith is a gift-a gift that keeps us from becoming too cynical with the world and with our manmade religiosity. Let's encourage each other to live our lives with the simplicity of the gospel and the uncluttered faith of a child.