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Kathy Dingus






Somewhere beyond those stars

Is someone who belongs to me

And know in my deepest heart,

There's a place for you

Until I find the place You’ve made for me . . .

I am missing you,

Oh, I'm missing you.

(Chris Rice)


Okay, okay . . . I know most of you who know me also know how much I love music and how I probably couldn’t function without it! The truth is, music, especially Christian-based music, is my way of expressing my love toward Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father.

There are some artists who are extremely talented with writing lyrics and music. God has given them a very special gift. They can actually state things in such a way that I wish I had written it myself! They can say exactly what I want to say__ but they say it so much better than I can! I think God has given me the gift of appreciation . . . the appreciation of their God given talents!

Music opens my heart and mind to what the artist is trying to convey. It's good to listen to others and their point of view. For instance, what came to your mind when you read the lyrics at the beginning of this article?

We really need to listen to the song and then think about it. When I first purchased this particular tape, I popped it into the player in my car. I'm driving down the road enjoying the music, but a certain phrase caught my attention. When the phrase "someone in heaven who belongs to me" came across the speakers, I immediately rewound the tape and listened to the song word for word. I was in love with this song!

My first inclination was to think he's talking about a relative or loved one who's died and is in heaven. My mind jumped to my Dad, and wondered is he really in heaven or is he in the grave? This brought a thousand more thoughts to my mind to ponder upon. As I really listened, I realized he was referring to Jesus Christ!

Do we claim him as ours? He is named "Our" Savior.

We call him "My" Savior, "My" God, "My" Rock, and many, many more I'm sure you can think of But do WE claim HIM? This brought to mind a whole new line of thinking about Christ and our relationship.

Do you now see how music can enhance our worship and understanding?

I can sing that song along with Chris Rice, in my car, and mean every single word, because it's directed toward the one in heaven who really belongs to ME!

We all need to work on our upward expressions of worship. Without upward expressions of worship, can our inward and outward expressions about God be what they should?

I challenge every one of you to listen to music, all kinds. I know we all have our favorite type of music whether it's Bluegrass Gospel, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, or Symphonic and Instrumentals. But listen to other types just to get a different flavor in your worship experience.

I have teenagers and I must admit, Christian Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal does not appeal to me. But there are a few songs that my kids listen to that I have found I really do like. DC Talk has a great song that contains a line "Hey, you, I'm into Jesus!"

I think all parents who are Christian would be proud to hear their children sing that song! I know I' m glad when my 5 year-old son sings it . . . I'm, glad when my 14 year-old son sings it . . . and I'm delighted to hear my 12 year-old daughter sing it!

And I know Jesus Christ is glad too!

He would love to hear you sing to him. Try it sometime, and if you are bashful, you could sing in your car, too! The other motorists look at you a little funny when you pass them on the road, but that's all right. You'll be looking like you are having a lot of fun! And you know what . . . I think you will be having a great time, just you and God.

Driving down the road, praising the Lord!

(Now I've given you a new mental picture of me . . . HAHA! That's okay, too!)