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Kathy Dingus



The midnight sky is full of stars twinkling bright and high

the shadows that the moon casts down just make me wonder why...

Why do the stars hang just so, without a hanger and a rod?

And why do they sparkle and twinkle, are they winking, and blinking for God?

And why do the colors so vivid, fade into the gray mist of dawn, when the sun slowly rises

surprising raccoons, opossums, owls and fawns?

And why do I live here on this earth, on this wondrous plain....

Why do I ask these questions, over and over again.

I know there is a God Most High.. And a Son who is the Word...

And a Holy Spirit within my heart to inspire,

and be silently heard...somewhat like my inner conscience

a small, still voice inside..

telling me not to be afraid, to step forward boldly, with pride to finish the

 tasks I was given to do from my Creator God.

And not look back but toward the footsteps yet to trod.

At the end of my future's path may I have finished my race with love,

and have lived to honor family,

brethren and God and be planted beside those I love.

And no longer will I need to ask

over and over again

Why to all my puzzling thoughts and questions,

for I will know all then.