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Word of Encouragement

Kathy Dingus


A famous singer was advertised to perform at the Grand Opera House in Paris. That night, the concert hall was packed with people, eager to hear her. Suddenly, the house manager went on stage and announced, 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret that due to illness, our special guest will be unable to perform this evening. However, we've found another singer, an equally great talent, so would you please give her a warm welcome.

The crowd groaned so loudly that nobody even heard the singer's name. You could feel the disappointment everywhere. The stand in singer gave it everything she had, but when it was over all she got was a brief, scattered applause followed by an uncomfortable silence.

Suddenly, in the balcony, a child stood up and shouted, 'Mummy, I think you're wonderful!" Realizing what had happened, the crowd jumped to their feet and gave her a standing ovation that lasted for several minutes.


Once in a while we all need to hear somebody say, 'I think you're wonderful!"... Encourage one another and build each other up. (I Thess. 5:11)

Today, God will give you an opportunity to encourage somebody.

Don't wait until the race is won, encourage every step they take.

Don't wait until they're dead and put it on a stone, say it while they can hear it and enjoy it.

And don't forget, what you sow you'll reap. Think about it!


Some nice person sent this to me through e-mail and if I ever needed an encouraging word, it was every day this week!

Do you have weeks like mine? Weeks that seem as if the world has gone totally crazy (and with everyone in it looney tunes?) I guess we all have days/weeks like this. It sure is nice to hear a friend call up and say hello, or go to the mailbox, open it and see a note from someone special.

I think we all play an important role in encouragement. It is one of the special gifts God bestows upon some of us. I know that some are better at encouragement than others, but I think we all have a role to play in encouraging our brothers and sisters in Christ.

No matter what our problems may be, we are somehow lifted by a comforting word. I found out this week that one of my uncles that I love very much was diagnosed with lymphoma and almost within a 24 hour span of time one of my other aunts committed suicide.

Your world seems to shift in times of crisis, and you could start to doubt that there is a loving God in this world, if left alone to ponder your troubles. But doubting is somehow made difficult when there is a group of loving friends gathered close, telling you how much you are loved, and constantly reminding you that it will be all right.

And guess what? It will be all right. No matter what happens. If the worst case scenario turns out to be a reality, it will still be all right. Know why?

God sent us a Comforter, who I like to think of as THE ENCOURAGER . . . Christ! Jesus was the most famous, best, all around encourager ever! His words constantly encouraged and admonished us to reach for our brothers and sisters and how we should help them in times of trouble and crisis.

He stated 'Fear Not!" Fear not . . . now those are comforting words. Could we really face death, financial ruin, long-term health problems, pain, personal tragedy, divorce, and really FEAR NOT?

With His help we can. We can look at death square in the eye, and for sure we'll face fear, (we wouldn't be human if we didn't) but fear won't conquer us! Christ has already given us the Victory, even thought the battle must still be fought!

Think about it! He has given us the outcome of our battle, before it has been fought! Now if we had all the answers to our problems before we were entangled in them, we could avoid the pitfalls and dangers of this life.

But we know the outcome of our personal battle with life and Satan. We know we will win because of the precious blood Christ shed on Calvary for us. Not because of anything we've done. Because He loved us that much!

If only we could know the lottery numbers before they are chosen . . . or the scores to the latest pro basketball game before it is played! Or for you Bingo players out there, knowing which card to play before the caller calls out the winning letters! If we had the power to know this information, we think we would be the richest person on earth!

But you know Christ has already been there, ahead of us, too! We already are the richest people on this earth. Christians have their treasures already. They are simply 'laid up in heaven."

We don't have earthly treasures to worry about!

Christ really takes great care of us! Could we take care of our friends and neighbors like Christ has taken care of us? Can we be a super encourager and spread the good news instead of bad? Can we lighten someone's load, today? All it takes sometimes is a smile . . . sometimes it takes our very soul.

Christ gives us tools to help us along the pathway of encouragement. He gives us LOVE. We can ask for more of Christ's love-and what are we to do what with it? Give it away to our friends and neighbors.

How do we do that?

By sending them an encouraging word! The Good News of Jesus Christ! Don't despair, don't give up, don't grow bitter, don't become mean spirited, don't turn away! We can also pray for them and with them!

Reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place, if you can . . . (recognize the lyrics?) It's so true.

Be an Encourager! You won't lose by it . . . you'll just gain all there is that Christ has for us!

Next time you pass your neighbor, call out a great big HELLO! You never know . . . it might just come right back at you!

Now that's winning!