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Kathy Dingus



Your birth was so miraculous

 The circumstances so undeserving of You

Your life was so short yet exactly long enough

To perform the work the Father had for You to do

Which was to simply be a sacrifice

For me.


I think about You living within me - another miracle it seems

I think about those footsteps - not the ones in the poem

 But the ones you trod. up the Via Della Rosa, bruised and bleeding

After receiving the worst beating a man has to ever experience

Painfully, shamefully you made your way toward Calvary carrying your cross.

Were you carrying me then?

I know you were. 


I picture the symbol for Mr. Universe, and the infamous Thinker Statue:

A man bent over carrying the world on his shoulders.

You were My Savior that day, but not just mine - also the whole world’s.

You were not just carrying that cross, but the world on Your shoulders.

What a weight that must have been, what a heart Your human body must have had.

What love.  What love.


What love for such an undeserving people that You created.

What grace.  What grace.

That only You could bestow upon us.

Thank You.  Thank You.

How understated that sounds. How understated that is.

But you know the limitations of us already.


Because You were one of us, And knew us so well

And yet You died for us anyway

Willingly poured every drop of Your love out of Your body

To save us from our sins

Simply because You loved us.

Wow!  Wow!



11/24/2002 ã 2002

Use by permission only from the author.

All rights retained.