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Kathy Dingus



On the same trip as the "Butt Noodles" incident, Kelsy and Holden had enjoyed one other's company just about as much as humanly possible. They had teased each other, played every game they knew how to play, played school, played Jesus and you name it…they'd done it!

You can only have too much of a good thing, however, and they were becoming a little weary of each other. Holden would pick on Kelsy and Kelsy would pick right back! Kelsy finally had had enough of this and she refused to talk to him for a little while.

Holden begged her forgiveness, but as most females are prone to do, she refused to listen to his pleas. She gave him the dreaded silent treatment!

All was silent for a few wonderful blessed moments. Then out of the silence came this still small voice singing very softly, "if you 're a Christian, you must forgive, if you're a Christian, you must forgive, over and over, and over.

Kelsy's conscience finally got the best of her and she had to give in and forgive him..

Unknowingly, he gave all the family members ammunition to use against each other. Now it's our family motto when something goes awry and we don't all get along...

(Of course that NEVER happens!)

Out of the mouths of babes!